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FAQ & Policies

Here are answers to some commonly asked questions.

Q: What makes Creature Comfort different from other pet sitting companies?
A: We like to think we go above and beyond just the "expected" or the "required."  For example, we don't just pass by that newspaper in your driveway or the package on your doorstep.  We bring them inside, whether you've asked us to or not.  We establish a positive, ongoing relationship with your pet and are often the first to notice and mention new skin bumps and changes in appetite or behavior.  We leave helpful, informative notes after each visit.  We don't just say, "We had a nice walk."  And we go out of our way to service all animals, whether on our client list or not--we've returned quite a few loose dogs noticed on our walks to their owners, and even made sure an injured raven made it safely into animal control's hands for rehabilitation.  We love animals and we care.

Q: Does Creature Comfort have pet sitting insurance?  If so, what does it cover?
A: Yes!  We have commercial general liability and animal bailee insurance through Mourer-Foster, Inc. and our certificate of insurance is available upon request.  This insurance covers damage/loss that may occur to your property or home while under our care, as well as injury/loss of your pet while under our care (whether in your home, on a walk, or in transit via pet taxi).  Unfortunately, accidents do happen, so we have purchased this insurance for your protection and ours.

Q: Why do you sometimes send more than one pet sitter for my job?  Why doesn't the same sitter come every visit?
A: While job sharing is sometimes required simply to make our schedule work, we've actually found it is often beneficial for both the contentment of the pet and the health and happiness of the pet sitter.  Except in the case of extremely shy animals, most dogs enjoy meeting and interacting with many different people, and multiple visitors make their day.  Cats will sometimes favor one sitter or another based on a single glance through no reason understandable to us humans, and we've had cases where one in a pair of cats enjoys one sitter and the second of the pair prefers another sitter.  In this instance, both cats are happiest when the two sitters share the job.  As far as the sitters themselves, we'd prefer they get their rest in order to provide the best care, so we'd rather not send one sitter on a late night visit and then the same sitter to the next morning's early visit.  So two sitters share. 

More questions and answers coming soon!

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