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Pet Care Services and Prices


Creature Comfort provides superior professional pet care custom-tailored to your pet and your schedule.

Work long hours and need someone to feed and walk your dog at noon and again before you come home?

Can't take time off from work to take your pet to the vet or groomer?

Concerned your elderly or infirm pet needs regular medication, insulin, or subcutaneous fluids while you're away?

Afraid your pet will be lonely and depressed or destructive while left alone?

Our experienced and well-trained staff will care for your pet's individual needs so you can be away from home confident and secure in the knowledge you'll return to find a healthy, happy animal!

We give a range of prices because we provide CUSTOM care.  Every animal and situation is different, so one price does not fit all.

Our pet care services include:

  • In-home pet sit visits to feed, water, medicate, walk, exercise, play with, groom, and clean up after your pet: $20-22 for 30 minutes for 1 pet.  Additional charge for extra pet(s) or for longer visit for young, rigorous pets requiring a lot of exercise.  Plan on 1-2 visits per day for cats and 3-4 visits per day for a dog if left alone round-the-clock.

  • Midday dog walks to provide relief during your workday: $18 for a 20-minute visit for 1 dog.  Additional charge for extra dog(s) or for longer walks.

  • Pet taxi to groomer, vet, or boarding facility: $30+ per hour depending on size and number of pet(s).  We can also take notes during a vet appointment and provide a written report for $10-15 extra depending on the complexity of the medical issue(s).

  • On-call relief visits to feed, water, and/or walk your pet if you can't get home on time.  $22-24 for 30 minutes when less than 24 hours notice given, after initial consultation is conducted.  Additional charge for extra pet(s) or for longer visit for young, rigorous pets requiring a lot of exercise.

  • Individual animal or end of life blessing conducted by ordained protestant clergy: $25.

  • Administration of  medications (in conjunction with a pet sit or relief visit):  No charge for pills, powders, and liquids given in food, $2 per pill for pill "shooting," $2 per injection, $20 per subcutaneous fluid administration.

  • At-home bathing, nail trims, ear cleaning, anal gland expression, sanitary clip, and FURminator brushing: Fees depend on service and size of animal.

  • Fenced yard play dates, overnight care in your home, or boarding in a pet sitter home may be available once we are familiar with your pet.  Current clients, please ask for information.Timber

  • Initial consultation so we can get to know
    you and your pets: $25.




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